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Resilience Programs

Performance Perspectives International has been involved in the design and delivery of resilience programs across the Western Australian public sector. We creatively embed diagnostic instruments into our delivery to seek critical feedback from relevant stakeholders to deepen the learning experience.  

Sandy Gordon has contributed to resilience programs in over ten different countries including the Cricket Boards and national teams of Australia, India, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

People Rowing with Oars

"I have had the privilege to know Sandy for over 30 years both on a professional and personal basis. As a player Sandy provided valuable support to me and I have seen firsthand how he has afforded wonderful assistance to others. 

When I moved into coaching I did not hesitate to reconnect with Sandy, inviting him to join me in developing ideal team cultures with Sri Lanka and WA. 

One of the huge benefits Sandy brings to his practice is his diverse experience from elite sports and this, with a calm manner and understanding nature, brings powerful support to any team"

Tom Moody, Head Coach

Executive Coaching

We have undertaken active Executive Coaching to wide-ranging senior managers in Western Australia (WA) from local and state governments, banks and the resources industry. We have a proven reputation for supporting significant senior manager change across WA.

Lady executive coaching another person

"I was impressed to see how quickly Barb was able to get a 35-strong group of executive high-potentials (who had never met each other before) constructively working in teams to problem-solve an interactive game at the start of our program. Having applied principles taught up front, in such an interactive manner, by such an engaging and knowledgeable professional set the tone for learning and interaction for the rest of the program. It dismantled the participants’ social reservations about group learning very quickly and set up our program coaching delivery on a positive foundation."

Larissa Taylor, Past Deputy Director, Australian Institute of Management WA – UWA Business School Executive Education

Sport Psychology

Sandy Gordon has previously been contracted to work as a preferred sport psychologist with the WACA (22 years) and has worked as the sport psychologist with the Perth Wildcats (since 2012) and Australian PGA (since 1995).

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"I have known Sandy through sport for 8 years and in that time, the Perth Wildcats have won 5 championships. Everyone plays a role in winning a championship and Sandy’s ability to help us achieve peak performance as individuals or collectively as a team meant he went above and beyond in playing his role. Forever grateful for his knowledge and appreciative of the help he has given me."

Damian Martin, Captain Perth Wildcats

"Sandy is an integral part of my coaching team and I trust him implicitly.  He invests emotionally in our clients and really cares that they are happy off and on the course; he communicates clearly with our coaching team; his easy approachable nature means he is able to work with all personality types; and very importantly to me, he is honest.  I highly recommend Sandy."

Ritchie Smith, Australian PGA Coach of the Year 2014, 2019

Strategic Planning

We have completed strategic planning processes for the Road Safety Commission of WA, the ChemCentre, the UWA Faculty of Medicine, the Centre for Transforming Maintenance through Data Science & C-Wise.

"Barb worked with our Centre to help us in shaping our strategic direction and ensuring that we enacted behaviours that would lead to success. In preparation, Barb used a disciplined positivist approach to interview Centre contributors which informed the strategic discussion hosted among our primary stakeholders. Barb’s skilful facilitation and engagement clarified the connection between our short term actions and the achievement of our long term objectives, and resulted in enhanced energy and motivation toward Centre activities."

Aloke Phatak, Associate Director, Centre for Transforming Maintenance through Data Science

"Sandy works with clients to truly understand not just what they want, but what they need to improve their performance or continue to excel. Sandy’s positive psychology approach – which encourages individuals and organisations to understand and work from their strengths – is an effective and refreshing means to achieve desired outcomes, whether targeting personal performance or used in the development of a business’s strategic plans. Sandy’s world-class experience and research, coupled with his engaging communication style and willingness to respectfully challenge behaviours and attitudes mean he is an excellent executive coach and organisational consultant."

Ms Suellen Tapsall, Director - New Business Education and Students, University of Technology Sydney

Adaptive Leadership

Performance Perspectives International (PPI) directors have had significant involvement in wide ranging leadership initiatives from developing individual skills, reinforcing team leadership to implementing systemic leadership practices across large organisations. Connecting diagnostic results to coaching services and adaptive leadership content, PPI has supported significant systemic change at large resource companies, university departments, state government entities and professional organisations.

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"Sandy Gordon has been involved in the leadership and education of individuals for the 25 years I’ve been in the sporting industry in Western Australia. He has delivered numerous leadership programs for sporting coaches, officials and administrators ranging from introductory to elite level environments. Sandy supplements his delivery through story-telling and an excellent sense of humour, which leads to an experience which facilitates strong learning.”  

Philip Gregson, Coordinator, Talent Development -  Sport and Recreation, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Supporting People to Achieve Organisational Performance Outcomes

Performance Perspectives International is committed to working closely with clients to support their staff to deliver effective and efficient outcomes. Indicative contributions of this nature has been assisting in the development of ideal performance management systems, reinforcing effective reward and recognition processes, and understanding the impact of staff capability frameworks. We’ve worked collaboratively with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, East Metropolitan Health Service and the Public Sector Commission in these endeavours.

"Barb is an inspirational leader with an unwavering commitment to supporting individuals and organisations to be the best that they can be. She brings a deep understanding of both the theory and practice of organisational behaviour to her work. A great executive coach and relationship-builder with outstanding communication and people management skills, Barb is generous with her expertise and experience. An insightful and strategic thinker and leader, Barb is always highly energetic and I have seen her repeatedly demonstrate she has the ability to bring others along with her – whether clients or team members."

Ms Suellen Tapsall, Director - New Business Education and Students, University of Technology Sydney

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