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Sport Psychology Services

As a registered sport psychologist, Dr Sandy Gordon has provided performance enhancement services to thousands of athletes, coaches and officials from around the globe. Considering habits and routines in high performance, Sandy has assisted individuals and teams to face their competitive environment with heightened awareness and confidence. Providing support to those transitioning to new careers after sport is an inherent part of the service provided by Sandy.

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Executive Coaching Programs

Performance Perspectives International takes a solution focused approach to coaching and focuses on helping coachees build their resourcefulness and strengthen their effectiveness. We use experiential approaches to our coaching service, giving the coachee opportunities to successfully practice their evolving leadership skills within a safe environment. We focus on creating quality conversations and equip our coachees to build competencies in navigating an increasing complex and volatile work environment.

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Enhancing Resilience

Resilience is about how individuals and teams behaviorally respond to and deal with pressure in their performance environment. It involves mental toughness which is about delivering high performance that is sustainable. Resilience and mental toughness are much more than just being emotionally intelligent. At Performance Perspectives International we help clients explore self-reported measures of both resilience and mental toughness and the coping strategies they use when dealing with daily adversities.

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