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The Performance Perspective International team of consultants often use diagnostics as a key mechanism for driving change in individuals, teams and organisations. Either as one-off activities or embedded in larger change processes, diagnostics generate data that has the capacity to change the way we think about ourselves and others. We’re accredited in a number of processes but some of our most-often used tools are described below.

Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is a globally supported psychometric tool, which looks at the personality and behavioral choices of the individual in wide ranging situations.  Refined over a decade of work, Lumina Spark avoids stereotyping and offers a highly interactive colorful framework for enhanced self-understanding and enhancing working relationships with others. In our VUCA world, Lumina Spark embraces the inherent diversity and dynamic qualities in wide ranging organizational settings by stimulating team collaboration and efficiencies and changing how we see ourselves. It has been a catalyst for igniting multiple benefits in wide-ranging environments around the globe.

Lumina Spark

"In 2019, I participated and completed Lumina Spark Practitioner Training, aptly led by Barb Wood, a well known Professional Leadership Trainer and expert in the use of diagnostic tools for individuals, teams and organisations.. Lumina Spark provided me with a great insight into my own and others' behavioural choices through answering  a set of questions to uncover my 3 personas. The Underlying Persona provided clarity on what motivates me, even though I’m not always inclined to show this part to everyone.  My Everyday Persona showed my “consciously prepared” self, enlightening me on how others see my contributions. My Overextended Persona illuminated my stressed or overextended self including how I react to unexpected events.  These personas could be compared with others on a user friendly mobile app. This highly interactive and colourful workshop opened my eyes to future applications of Lumina Spark in the world of coaching, training and enhancement of personal relationships with others. Barb was an exceptional leader, guide and facilitator through the 3 day workshop and empowered all of us to maximise our learning opportunities and provide insight into the possibilities for future applications in our lives."

Mandy Combes Olympian, Elite Volleyball Coach and Teacher

Athlete Assessment DISC

Athletics Assessments DISC

The Athlete Assessments DISC profiles use proven techniques based on decades of behavioral research and are created and used specifically for sport. DISC profiles focus on behavior, which is how someone prefers to act and what they do, rather than personality traits, and can be created for athletes, coaches and managers.

They measure a person’s degree of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious behavior. There is no good or bad profile and debriefing is not about improving a profile. The primary purpose of DISC profiling is to develop self-awareness and provide a framework to understand, then build effective relationships with others.

"Sandy is an exemplary professional, genuine person with integrity and brings exceptional depth of experience and expertise, together with a phenomenal ability to work with people from across the sporting and corporate spectrum. His client list reflects his unique ability and unmatched respect within the field and we are enormously proud to work with him in the use of our assessments. We value our working relationship with Sandy to the highest degree"

Bo Hanson, 4x Olympian & Director of Athlete Assessments

Strengths Profile

The Strengths Profile is a ‘strengths assessment’ product developed by Cappfinity that helps individuals be their authentic best self by understanding what they can do and love to do. The online assessment measures how well you perform from 60 strengths, as well as how energized you are by using them and how often you use them. 

Results reveal Realized Strengths (strengths you use often and enjoy), Unrealized Strengths (strengths you don’t use as often), Learned Behaviors (things you’ve learned to do but may not enjoy), and Weaknesses (things you find hard and don’t enjoy). 

Four profiles are available that help people develop themselves and their future careers as well as others: Introductory, Expert, Team and Manager

"Sandy has been using Strengths Profile since 2010 to support and develop both individuals and teams, both in organizations and within a sporting context. He was one of the first accredited practitioners for the tool and he’s been a real catalyst and advocate for strengths ever since"

Trudy Bateman, Head of Strengths Profile, Cappfinity

The Leadership Circle (TLC)

The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle (TLC) 360 Profile is a profound leadership instrument which assesses Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies.  Creative competencies measure how we achieve results, bring out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance their own development, act with integrity and courage, and improve organisational systems.  Reactive tendencies are those that dilute our ability to generate results through behaviors like self-protection in productive engagement, using aggression in building alignment, gaining the approval of others, defending ourselves, and getting results through high control tactics.  

The Leadership Circle Framework exposes qualities that have often been “hidden” from view and enables us to see our balance between task and relationship-oriented behaviors and how our habits and routines may both support us and, occasionally “derail” us. The TLC 360 Profile is particularly helpful for senior leaders working on their collaborative and influencing skills.

"Using the TLC instrument, I was able to engage in coaching discussions with Barb that enabled me to better understand the perspectives of others within my organisation. I appreciated Barb’s insightful views and how she framed questions for me to explore my leadership. My final discussion with my line manager, using the TLC data, crystallised next steps in advancing my leadership competence."

Kathryn Horlin

Diamond Power Index

The Diamond Power Index (DPI) helps individuals in all organizations optimize their leadership capacities by identifying critical opportunities in the way leaders use power. It provides insight into how others see the leader’s use of power in their role, as well as the leader’s own assessment of their personal sense of power and their developmental capacities. The primary purpose of the DPI is development, not assessment or performance evaluation, and results are presented in the Power Profile (PP)

The PP is a comprehensive summary of the leader’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities related to their use of power. It includes both the self-assessment and multi-rater evaluations, as well as customized suggestions for development based on the leader’s scores.

Diamond Power Index

"I’m honored that Performance Perspectives International has selected Power Intelligence® and the Diamond Power Index® to facilitate capability and capacity in leadership. As a pioneer and leading light in the field of performance and leadership effectiveness in sport, I have no doubt that Sandy will continue to expand the concept and method of Power Intelligence® in innovative and essential ways. He was one of the earliest adopters of the Power Intelligence® methodology, having completed his certification in 2018, and I anticipate with great delight his application of this work to leadership across all organisations and the opportunity for further collaboration"

Julie Diamond, founder Diamond Leadership; author, “Power: A User’s Guide”.

Lumina Select

Lumina Select

Years of research show that personality can be used to predict pattens of behavior.  Lumina Select uses personality to predict “competency potential” – defined as the degree to which an individual is naturally inclined to demonstrate the behaviors associated with a specific competency. Development processes can be finetuned by Lumina Select by enabling learning programs to align to a candidate’s competency potential. 

The tool also provides the capacity for organisations to set up individualised job profiles, interview guides and a management dashboard for recruitment processes enabling full recognition of talented candidates who might be overlooked in more traditional selection approaches.

"Barb used Lumina Select to help me understand, define and clarify the next steps in my professional life. The tool was terrific in giving me a varied perspective on how my behavioural choices and work competencies are so closely aligned.  Barb’s positivity was infectious, and the information from my responses helped me to dig down and discover what’s really important and most motivating.  By exploring my strengths through the Lumina Select lens, I now find myself pursuing work tasks and relationships with greater energy and passion. Thanks to Barb and her coaching skills for meaningfully providing this foundation."

Heather Brick, Marketing Executive